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How to Attract Clients using Pinterest (WITHOUT feeling salesy!)

Right now, it feels like you’re constantly chasing to book new clients.

Maybe you’re attending networking events.

Maybe you’re spending time on Instagram.

Or perhaps, you’re banking on referrals from previous clients.

Either way, it comes down to the same.

You’re on a never-ending marathon of chasing after new clients. And worrying where your next client will be coming from. 

Constantly being in a position where you’re “asking” for clients is exhausting. I know the feeling because that used to be me.

And that’s what I talk in more details in this video about How to get clients using Pinterest WITHOUT feeling salesy.

  • The reason most coaches and service providers end up feeling salesy (2:49)

  • My favorite way to attract clients (7:52)

  • The #1 mistake people make when they grow their audience using Pinterest (12:30)

  • Why you need to play the long game (16:32)

Watch this short video

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