How to Brand Your Brilliance with Video (even if you're selfie-shy) with Eve Voyevoda

Watch to find out how to use video for branding your business in this exclusive interview featuring Eve Voyevoda. Includes a free guide with 10 tips to improve your videos. #videomarketing #branding #isabellepaquin

Feeling nervous in front of the camera? This one is for you!

I had an amazing time interviewing Eve Voyevoda, a branding and video expert, and founder of Brand Your Dream Business.

Eve shared practical and actionable tips so that you can improve your videos right away.

She talked about:

  • What a brand is and isn't

  • Why video is the quickest and most effective way to brand your brilliance

  • What do you need to get started today

  • How to overcome your fear of the camera

Watch the Interview

Links mentioned during the interview:

  • Get 10 tips to improve your videos HERE

  • Join Eve’s Facebook group “Brand with Video for Coaches & Experts” HERE

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Isabelle Paquin