How to Get Traffic from Pinterest in 2019

Now, everybody tells you the more clicks you get, the better it is, right?

You keep hearing that over and over again.

Yet you're looking at your e-mail list, and it's not growing as fast as you thought it would, or worse, your products and coaching programs and services are not selling. 

So what gives? What's happening?


So when I started with Pinterest, I had heard and followed the advice of Pinterest "gurus" that said inspirational quotes were really good on Pinterest to drive traffic.

So I thought... why not? 

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I created the post "top 25 inspirational quotes for female entrepreneurs".

And that worked like crazy! It drove tons of traffic.

But there was a problem...

Do you know how many people it added to my email list?

None, zero, zilch, nada.

Not a single soul was added to my email list from that post.

Watch my latest video where I share with you the top 2 most important things to do for driving quality traffic from Pinterest - the kind that attract dream customers.

Isabelle Paquin