Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

This blog post is all about making Pinterest marketing simple. The steps to promote your business on Pinterest are simple, if you know where to start and what to do.

 Pinterest stands out as a fabulous strategy to grow businesses (while other platforms are becoming harder to get traffic from). Click to learn how to use Pinterest for marketing your business. Includes a free roadmap with 5 simple steps for getting started successfully.

And this is exactly what I'm sharing with you in this post.

I share with you the simple steps to get started on using Pinterest marketing strategies and establish strong foundations of success.

I've used these steps to drive the majority of my traffic and put my lead generation on auto-pilot. 

To be successful on using Pinterest for marketing your business, you need to establish strong foundations. And this is exactly what I’m showing you here how to do.

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5 Simple Steps to Get Started with Pinterest Marketing for your Small Business

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Want traffic and leads on autopilot?

Download the 5 simple steps to set up your Pinterest funnel for success!

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Before You Begin

Watch this funny live video - well, at least I think it's funny! 😉 It teaches you an important lesson about getting started on Pinterest.

Success on Pinterest starts by setting up strong foundations. Follow these easy steps to get started on the right foot!

Step #1: Set up a business account

Having a business account on Pinterest is a MUST if you want to succeed. Not only it is free, but it will also enable several useful features and provide you with analytics. 

You’ll be able to track the number of people that see your content every day, as well as the number of people that actually click to your site. Analytics are a must to help you track your progress and tweak your strategies as needed. 

A marketing strategy without analytics is like throwing darts in the dark. So do yourself a favor, and set up a free Pinterest business account. It’s the first step in establishing strong foundations for your success on Pinterest.

You can either convert your existing personal account to business or create a new business one. 


Get your website verified

This will let Pinterest know that you own your website. It’s not a complicated process and it needs to be done if you want to be successful on Pinterest.  I give you exactly how to do this in my guide you can download for free.


Activate rich pins

This will add your website information to your pins, such as your website name and blog post headline. Here's an example using one of my pins that shows how rich pins display and help your pins stand out.

This is important to help your content stand out on Pinterest and make it easier to be found out in searches.

Pinterest users do 2 Billion searches every month. Make sure it’s easy for them to find you.

Pinterest users make 2 Billion searches every single month. Yep, you read that right… 2 billion searches a month! 

So do yourself a favor and activate rich pins so Pinterest users can find you easier.


Step #3: Create your profile

Add a profile picture that stands out. Create a keyword-rich profile name and description.

On my Pinterest profile, I’ve added a picture of myself that stands out and is aligned with my brand colors. I’ve also added keywords that I want to rank for in my profile name as well as my profile description.

 Isabelle Paquin - Pinterest Marketing

Step #4: Create boards

Create 10-15 on-brand boards with keyword-rich descriptions.

Let’s use an example of someone that provides web design services. Do a search in Pinterest for “web design”. What keywords come up in the guided search words (located just below the search bar)?

Use those words when crafting your board descriptions. It will help them rank better in search over time.

Pinterest Search.png

Here’s an example of how I use guided search results to write my Pinterest Tips board description.


Want traffic and leads on autopilot?

Download the 5 simple steps to set up your Pinterest funnel for success!

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Step #4: Create irresistible Pinterest graphics

Pinterest is a visual search platform, and as such, creating visually attractive graphics are a must to drive traffic to your site. 

Find out how to design stunning Pinterest graphics that make people click.


Step #5: Pin with consistency

Pin high-quality content, and maintain consistency day in, day out. I highly recommend automating this through Tailwind.

It’s a scheduler approved by Pinterest that will make it possible for you to pin without skipping a day. It’s what I use to make my Pinterest process efficient and put my traffic on autopilot.

Find out How to Use Tailwind.



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Want traffic and leads on autopilot?

Download the 5 simple steps to set up your Pinterest funnel for success!

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