TOP 5 PINTEREST MARKETING MYTHS DISPELLED (and Why You Could Be Missing Out On An Untapped Opportunity)

Find out common Pinterest Marketing myths and why you're missing out on free website traffic. Includes a FREE Pinterest Roadmap to help you learn how to use Pinterest for business. #isabellepaquin #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing

Pinterest is so different from other social media that it’s often misunderstood by business owners and marketers alike.

For that reason, many business owners tend to ignore it as a way to promote and grow their business. Or perhaps, they've tried using the platform but didn’t succeed at first. 

And this can be a huge miss…

Pinterest is largely an untapped marketing opportunity for so many businesses that don’t necessarily know how to use it to their advantage.

For less than 30 minutes a week, Pinterest now drives half of the traffic to my website.

And the beauty of it is that it’s mostly free, organic traffic. 

When I left my corporate career, I knew I wanted to prioritize a marketing platform that would allow me to grow my business on free traffic with little efforts. I wanted to maximize my return on investment (both time & money). 

I didn’t want to work countless hours anymore and didn’t have the same budget as I used to when I was in corporate and had millions to spend.

I wanted to maximize my marketing efforts towards a platform that would allow me to grow my business fast, with little time & money investment. 

That’s why I set my eyes on Pinterest right from the get go.

I’m now on a mission to dispel the top 5 Pinterest marketing myths and help you learn how to use this platform to grow your biz.

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Myth #1: Pinterest is a social media platform


Commenting and social interactions have little to no impact on success on Pinterest.

While it is true that Pinterest originally started as a social medium, it has since become a “search and discovery” tool. People now use Pinterest to search and discover content, products and services.

Pinterest is a search and discovery tool. Think of it as a visual Google, but much easier to rank in and get traffic from!

Think of it as a visual Google. While Google returns search results in the form of words, Pinterest returns images.

While it can be rather difficult to compete on keywords in Google, it’s not the same for Pinterest. It is much easier to rank in and get traffic from it. This is because their search algorithm is not as advanced at the present moment. 

That’s why I believe now is the time to jump on Pinterest as it’s pretty much an untapped opportunity!


Myth #2: You need a lot of followers


There’s nothing further from the truth than thinking that you need a lot of followers on Pinterest. 

I have less than 900 followers at the moment, and Pinterest represents a little over half of my website sessions.

It’s best to have a smaller base of followers that is engaged than a lot of followers that don’t care about your stuff.


Myth #3: Pinterest only works if your niche is middle-aged women


It’s true that businesses that target women are especially successful on Pinterest, as 81% of pinners are female.

However, males have a growing representation on Pinterest with 40% of new sign-ups being men. Several businesses have been successful targeting males.

It’s also a myth that the platform attracts only middle-aged people. The average age of active pinners is actually below 40.


Myth #4: It doesn’t work for service-based businesses


This is false. I’m a service based business myself and it works, as it does for countless of my colleagues.

Pinterest is a great tool to showcase your services. Through content (whether it’d be blog posts, videos or podcasts), you can tease your audience with your knowledge and skills. It can be a great tool to obtain clients.

Pinterest works well for both service and product businesses.


Myth #5: It takes too much time and is too complex


While the initial set-up can take a day or two to complete, it now takes me about 30 minutes of work a week to schedule my pins. That’s it! 

Little effort for maximum results. I like this!

While I spend less than 30 minutes a week on Pinterest, it represents half of my traffic. Talk about an amazing return on my time investment!

The tip is to not go for quantity but to prioritize quality. There’s no need to pin 300 times a day (gasp!) or any of that nonsense.

Some people make Pinterest much complex than it really is… While it can become a complicated platform to master if you don’t know what you’re doing, it doesn’t actually need to be complex when you’re provided with the right tips.


Are you missing out on the untapped opportunity that is Pinterest?

To succeed on Pinterest, you ultimately need a strong marketing strategy to help you succeed. It’s not rocket science, but there’s an art to it.

And the beauty is that once it's set, it runs pretty much on auto-pilot with very little effort on a weekly basis.

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Grab Your FREE Pinterest Roadmap

If you want to learn more about growing your business with Pinterest, download your FREE copy of the Fab Pinterest Roadmap.

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