How to Get Started with Pinterest Marketing for Online Entrepreneurs

Find out how to use Pinterest marketing for growing your small business and the strategies needed to increase website traffic. Includes a FREE Roadmap to help you get started with your Pinterest marketing strategies. #isabellepaquin #pinterestmarketing

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Pinterest can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated!

There seems to be a lot of myths about Pinterest. Is it a social media? Or is it a search engine? How do you get your content shared and seen?

And because it's often misunderstood, Pinterest often gets ignored by business owners.

I think that's a mistake and a missed opportunity.

While Google and Facebook are becoming more and more crowded, Pinterest is still relatively easy to cut through the noise and get your content seen.

Best, it offers a level playing for small and larger organizations alike as there's relatively little competition on Pinterest.

There are 2 billion searches done every month on Pinterest and it keeps growing. I absolutely believe that there's no better day than today to get started on Pinterest.

Grab Your FREE Pinterest Roadmap

If you want to learn more about growing your business with Pinterest, download your FREE copy of the Fab Pinterest Roadmap.

1 - Get a Business Account

This will allow you to gain access to analytics, as well as enable "rich pin" to help your content stand out on Pinterest.

Step-by-step instructions and how-to's are available in this free roadmap

2- Treat Pinterest as a Search Engine

Pinterest is not a social media, but rather a search engine. Every month, there are 2 billion searches made on Pinterest. It really is a search & discovery tool. 

Think of it as a visual Google. While Google returns search results in the form of words, Pinterest returns images.

While it can be rather difficult to compete on keywords in Google, it’s not the same for Pinterest.

It is much easier to rank in and get traffic from it. This is because their search algorithm is not as advanced at the present moment. 

That’s why I believe now is the time to jump on Pinterest as it’s pretty much an untapped opportunity!

3- Create Graphics that Make People Want to Click

Pinterest is a visual platform and as such, quality graphics are a must. You could have the best content in the world, but if the graphic is not enticing, people will just not click to your site.

Learn how to create quality graphics: How to Design Stunning Pinterest Graphics that Will Make People Click

4- Automate Your Pinning

Pinterest rewards users that are consistent on the platform. Pin often and consistently and it will help drive traffic to your site. 

The reality is that business owners do not have time to sit in front of Pinterest and pin throughout the day - that would just be too time consuming and an inefficient use of time.

Tailwind is an approved Pinterest partner and automates scheduling to Pinterest in a consistent manner.

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