7 Surefire Ways to Hurt Growth on Pinterest (and what to do instead)

Has Pinterest got you down? Feeling like your growth is stalling or going nowhere? It might be because of one of these common mistakes I often see entrepreneurs and business owners do all the time on Pinterest.

 Pinterest Growth | Learn the 7 surefire ways to hurt growth on Pinterest and what to do instead with this FREE workshop. #pinterestmarketing #pinterest

In this free workshop, I go behind-the-scenes and hope the curtain on the 7 surefire ways to hurt growth on Pinterest and what to do instead.

Some of these mistakes I've seen entrepreneurs and business owners make, some others I made myself at the beginning. It’s not easy to admit, but when I started with Pinterest I wasn't too sure how to best leverage the platform. And so yes, I made mistakes… Oops!

But I've since learned from my mistakes and the ones I've observed others make.

And none of that was in vain, because now I can teach you what to avoid and what to do instead.

And so in this free workshop, I want to share with you my tips.


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  • Why most of the Pinterest advice in the blogosphere is outdated
  • The most common mistakes I see entrepreneurs making on Pinterest (and it's costing their businesses)... and oops, some of these mistakes I made myself at the beginning...
  • What NOT to do on Pinterest
  • and what to DO instead


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