I’m Isabelle and I’m Here to Help You Master Online Marketing

Hi, I’m thrilled to have you here! 

I have one mission: to help you grow your business, by making online marketing simple. 


At the time of writing this article, Google had indexed:

  • 104 million of articles about Online Marketing
  • 294 million on Social Media Marketing
  • 1 billion on Facebook Advertising

I could keep going on, but you get the picture. The reality is that some of the content online is good, some definitely not. 

But how can you tell the difference between good and bad marketing advice?

I want to share my practical advice so you can stop guessing with your marketing and start focusing on growing your business. 

It’s hard to find the gold nuggets that will spur growth for your business. 

When I started doing marketing 14 years ago (ahem!), I thought that my degree had taught me everything I needed to know. Wow, was I in for a wake-up call!

I’ve since come to learn my fair share of what actually works and what doesn’t. And I love that I'm still learning to this day. 

I want to share my practical advice so you can stop guessing about your marketing and start focusing on growing your business. 

My Credentials

I led a successful 14-year career for some of the world’s largest corporations, such as TD Bank, Citi Bank and Home Depot. 

I was responsible for coaching my team and developing online and offline marketing strategies focused on driving results.

Check out my testimonials.

Now that I’m running my own solo firm, I’m applying my expertise to growing my own business and helping others do the same.

Join me on my journey as I share my learnings with you. 

In my 14-year corporate marketing career, I’ve come to learn my fair share of what works and what doesn’t.

What Strategic Marketing looks like

Marketing is so much more than deciding which Facebook ad to run, picking a logo, or any other tactic for that matter.

If your tactics are scattered and not working together towards a single objective, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. 

The crucial part is to devise a strategy that multiplies the impact of each tactic. It's about strategically creating a snowball effect so that through synergy your marketing tactics are amplified.

It’s like making 1 + 1 = 4. Yep, you read that right! (Don't worry, I'm good at math!)

Marketing is about strategically creating a snowball effect so that through synergy your marketing tactics are amplified.

What I Stand For

The best marketing is the one that fosters connections between people. It’s about trust and authenticity. That's how you can ensure long-term success without having to pay a fortune in advertising.



I’m committed to helping you grow your business - as long as you’re committed too. Which I’m sure you are, or you wouldn’t be taking the time to read this right now! 

l want to see you, as my fellow entrepreneur, succeed at growing a business that makes you proud. 



It’s not so much the size of your marketing budget that matters, it’s about being strategic. 

Now, you do need a budget, don’t get me wrong! 

But I've been able to double sales without increasing my budget. It all comes down to making your marketing dollars work harder and smarter for you. 



Marketing comes alive at its best when it’s done as a way to build meaningful relationships with customers. 

Don't be salesy. Help customers solve problems. Make connections.



Small and medium businesses have an edge against large corporations nowadays. 

Entrepreneurs are nimbler and better at connecting with their tribe. It's an incredible time to be building a small business. 


My Commitment

I know how your time is precious, and I won’t be wasting it. 

I will be focusing on publishing quality content that you can apply to your business. 

No fluff. I don't have time to write fluff, nor would you anyway.

That means I'm prioritizing quality over quantity.

I’m here to provide you with simple, no-nonsense actionable advice.

A Little About Me

I’ve been living in Toronto for 10+ years with my husband, but I'm originally from Montreal. Yes, I'm French Canadian!


I highly recommend a visit to Montreal, if you haven’t been yet. The food is the best.

I enjoy eating, traveling and hiking. I’ll absolutely pick travel destinations based on the quality of food and hiking!

I especially enjoy helping others succeed. One of my favorite part in my corporate career was coaching and inspiring my team for success.

I’m an avid learner and go through an insane amount of books and articles on the subject of marketing, business and entrepreneurship. 

Connect with Me

I'd love to learn more about you and how I can help. I read all emails and comments and do my very best to reply to all!

Your Turn to Share

Now that I've shared about myself, over to you! I’d love to learn more about you. 

Tell me your biggest stumble block when it comes to growing your business?


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