Instagram vs Pinterest: Which One is Right for Your Business?

Find out which of these 2 social media you should be focusing on at this time in your business. Both are great, but not equal when it comes to marketing your business. Includes a FREE Roadmap to learn how to use Pinterest for marketing. #isabellepaquin #socialmediamarketing #instagram #pinterest #onlinebusiness

You’re building your business from the ground up. You’re putting sweat and tears into it. 

Long hours of creating content, digital products (who said courses were easy!) and coaching programs for your clients.

But you need to grow your audience. You need more people to know about your business. You need more leads. 

Like now! Not yesterday, now…

Tout de suite!

You know Facebook is already a pay-to-play platform and your advertising budget is limited or perhaps inexistent.

So you’re looking for organic (aka free) platforms. 

So you’re debating between Instagram vs Pinterest.

You know you don’t have the bandwidth to tackle both at the same time… 

You need to pick one to start with.

But which one?

Which one should you start first?

Which one will help you get to where you need to be the fastest?

And you need to know that now. Well... more like yesterday!

In this video, I give a comparison of these 2 platforms - so you can make a decision for your own business.

Now, as a Pinterest nerd,  I’m a little-biased 😉 but I also loooove Instagram so I’ll give you my honest insights.

In this video, I cover:

  • The different reasons for using Instagram vs Pinterest (1:05)

  • Why most struggle with these 2 platforms (4:39)

  • Which one is right for your business (11:15)

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