Instagram vs Pinterest: Which One is Right for Your Business?

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You’re building your business from the ground up. You’re putting sweat and tears into it. 

Long hours of creating content, digital products (who said courses were easy!) and coaching programs for your clients.

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But you need to grow your audience. You need more people to know about your business. You need more leads. 

Like now! Not yesterday, now…

Tout de suite!

You know Facebook is already a pay-to-play platform and your advertising budget is limited or perhaps inexistent.

So you’re looking for organic (aka free) platforms. 

So you’re debating between Instagram vs Pinterest.

You know you don’t have the bandwidth to tackle both at the same time. You need to pick one to start with.

But which one? Which one should you start first? Which one will help you get to where you need to be the fastest?

And you need to know that now. Well... more like yesterday!

In this video, I give a comparison of these 2 platforms - so you can make a decision for your own business.

Now, as a Pinterest nerd,  I’m a little-biased 😉 but I also loooove Instagram so I’ll give you my honest insights.

Instagram for Business

When you think about Instagram and the kind of content that performs best on Instagram, it's a lot about behind the scenes, it's a lot about establishing a personal connection with a brand. 

So Instagram is a lot more personal than you would have with other types of platforms. 

On Instagram, people want to see who’s the person behind the brand.

How can they connect with them? They really want to get to know the person behind the brand. So it's a much more deeper engagement with your audience, with your tribe - with people that are already aware of your brand and that really want to just get to know more about you. 


What is the Purpose of Pinterest?

Pinterest is a different platform. It's actually a search engine. A lot of people think about it as a social media, but Pinterest is really a search engine. 

Pinterest is best used to grow your audience and reach more people faster. 

There are 45,000 searches done every single minute on Pinterest with over 250 million users every single month. So it's a very different approach.


Is Pinterest Better than Instagram?

People use Pinterest as a discovery tool. They use Pinterest to find out about new brands, about new products. So it's best to grow visibility, increase your audience, get more people to know about you. 

A lot of people on Pinterest are looking for VALUE, instead of looking for personal connections like they would on Instagram. 

They're looking for how-to’s, they're looking for ideas for new brands, for things that will help them solve their problems. 

They're looking to buy. Pinners (aka Pinterest users) are buyers. 

It's a very different platform and a very different approach. 

There are different reasons for using both of them at different time in your business. 


Pinterest vs. Instagram: Which is Better for Your Business?

When you think about Instagram, it's best for engagement. It's best for deepening connections with your audience. It's best for doing that one-to-one, that engagement, that deep personal connection. 

While on Pinterest it's best for growing your visibility, getting more and more people to know about you in a faster way

We all know, if you've been on Instagram, it's very difficult to get people off of Instagram and to get them to your site and to click. And to go from Instagram to your products to your courses and your coaching programs, it's very difficult to achieve that. 

But on Pinterest, it's actually a platform that's built for that, it's built for driving traffic to sites.

When you're thinking about your own traffic, where are you right now? Are you getting people to read your blog posts? Are you getting people to engage with your videos? To watch them? 

If people are not aware of your website then you need to get yourself on Pinterest. 

If you don't have an audience or you're tired of paying for ads and you want to start generating some free traffic to your site, and growing your visibility, getting people to know you, growing your email list and getting more clients for your courses, your online education company or your coaching practice, then definitely Pinterest is the way to go. 

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If you want to learn more about growing your business with Pinterest, download your FREE copy of the Fab Pinterest Roadmap.

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