Your Pinterest Traffic Has Dropped? Here's How to Fix It

Increase Pinterest Traffic | Find out what to do when your Pinterest traffic drops with these simple, yet powerful tips for your online business website. #isabellepaquin #pinterestmarketing

Right now, it FEELS like you’re doing everything right with your Pinterest account…

…which is why it’s especially frustrating when you’re seeing your traffic drop AND your email list growth stall.

The reality is that you’re probably making these mistakes without even knowing it…

…so, let’s uncover that and GET CRACKIN’.

In this video, I talk about what to do when your Pinterest traffic drops. I cover:

  • The 3 things Pinterest looks at BEFORE showing your pins (2:50)

  • The ONLY metric I use to measure my own Pinterest success (8:45)

  • WHY your traffic may be dropping (11:10)

  • WHAT you can do to increase your Pinterest traffic (17:24)

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