How to Increase Your Blog Traffic When You Have Little Content

You have a new site and wondering how to get more readers now? Here are top 10 ways I’ve used to increase my blog traffic when I had only 4 posts.

This post is the second one in a five-part series on promoting your online business when you have little content:

How to increase blog traffic when you have little content
  1. How to quickly generate amazing blog post ideas (that will get shared)

  2. How to increase your blog traffic when you have little content (the post you're currently reading)

  3. How to promote your blog posts

  4. How to grow your email list when you have little content

  5. How to promote your business on Pinterest (+ free guide to get started successfully)

Have you heard the advice that you should wait to launch your site before you have at least 10 blog posts? I respectfully disagree!

I say it’s better to launch with 3 or 4 posts and then create more content as you learn what works and what doesn’t with your readers. 

To grow your audience with little content, you need to promote your existing content like a boss. 

Not sure how? Don’t worry, I have you covered.

I launched my website on March 2, 2017 with little content. Five weeks later, my 4 blog posts have now been shared a total of 797 times and my email subscriber list is growing.

Ready to learn how I’ve done it? Here we go. This is exactly what I did. 

This post may contain affiliate links. It comes at no additional cost to you if you choose to make a purchase and helps me continue providing you with free content. I only recommend things I love and would tell my best friend to use. For more details, read my disclosure.

1. Create Killer Content

If your content sucks, it doesn’t matter how much marketing and promotion you’ll throw at it… people won’t come back to your site. 

The first step is to create high-quality posts.

Focus on Pillar, Evergreen Posts

I aim my posts to be 1,500 to 2,500 words and provide actionable tips based on the experience I’ve acquired over 14 years in marketing. There are no fluff or filler words. I focus on providing value. 

My posts are also evergreen in the sense that they’re not specific in time and will remain relevant for years to come. 

Make your posts relevant for years to come. Your topics should focus exclusively on serving the needs of your niche.

My post topics focus exclusively on serving the needs of my niche and are aligned with my mission (which is to help online entrepreneurs grow traffic and sales).

It’s important to remain on topic, or your readers won’t know what you're about. 

If you're not sure what to write about, this post gives you the formula I use to write killer blog posts.

2. Create Catchy Headlines that Convert

About 80% of people only read headlines, so you have a split second to catch their attention! That’s your only chance to entice them into reading your post.

I like CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to help me craft catchy headlines. I'm not an affiliate, I just really like that tool and best, it’s free.

I use this tool to come up with blog post headlines, as well as headlines for my Pinterest graphics.

Not only does it score your headline, but it also provides you with tips on how to improve. How awesome is that!

For example, this post headline scores 78. Not too bad, if I can say so myself!

Catchy Headlines are Important Factor to Get More Readers for your Blog

3. Participate in Facebook Groups the Smart Way

You’ve probably heard the advice that you should join Facebook groups where your Ideal Customer hangs out. 

But if you’re like me, that means hundreds and hundreds of potential groups to join! How to tell which ones are worth your time? 

One way would be to rely on the engagement feel or vibe you’re getting from participating in threads. But that takes time… 

It’s also difficult to attribute the source of traffic when you’re posting the same article in 2 different groups (which will inevitably happen when you only have a few posts).

I needed a way to quickly weed out the underperforming groups, so I could focus my time and energy on the top 4-5 groups. 

How did I tell which groups drove me the most traffic? By appending a tracking code to the URL!

Don’t worry… it’s easier than it sounds!

Pro tip for tracking your traffic from facebook groups

Visit Google Campaign URL builder (it’s free).

Google URL Campaign Builder can help you define which Facebook groups get you the most traffic to your blog
  1. In the first field, enter your blog post URL. In the example above, the URL pointed to my Resources page.

  2. In the second field Campaign Source: enter "facebook".

  3. In the third field Campaign Medium: enter "social".

  4. In the fourth field Campaign Name: enter a custom word that represents the name of the group you’re about to post in (all in one word, lower case, no spaces). Take note of the word you choose in a spreadsheet, so you can keep it consistent each time you share in that group. My example here is for the Online BFFs group by Melyssa Griffin - it's an awesome group if you haven’t joined it already!

  5. Then copy the generated campaign URL and paste it in the promotional thread of the specific Facebook group you're sharing your blog post in.

As people click on your link, Google Analytics will track your results under Acquisition -> Campaigns -> All Campaigns (left navigation menu). Your facebook groups will be listed in the column on the right (under Campaign) as traffic comes in.

Google Analytics can help you track your website traffic from Facebook Groups

For example, you'll be able to see that group A drove 20 clicks, vs only 1 click for group B.

It might sound complicated to do at first, but it's easier than it sounds and takes me 30 seconds to do.

It’s easier to do than it sounds, and it’ll take you 30 seconds to do. With this strategy, you’ll be able to focus on your top Facebook groups that drive the most traffic to your site.

With this strategy, I was able to narrow down my focus to 4-5 groups.

Besides dropping a link in promotional threads, I can’t stress enough the importance of engaging in authentic conversations with fellow members. 

Contribute to the community and answer questions as they relate to your expertise. It’ll help establish your online presence and people will start recognizing your name. 

Want to belong to a dynamic, free community of entrepreneurs?

Join my free community: RiseUp Entrepreneurs.

4. Unleash the Power of Tailwind Tribes

I know… “Unleash the Power” sounds so cheesy, but that’s how much Tailwind Tribes have contributed to growing my blog.

Not convinced? Check these results I’ve obtained from 3 tribes, with only 4 posts and over 5 weeks…

Tailwind Tribes to increase your blog traffic
Tailwind Tribes to get more readers for your blog
Tailwind Tribes to grow your blog

The reach is crazy! More than 2.7 million from 3 tribes. Imagine what 25+ tribes can do!  

Tailwind Tribes have allowed me to rapidly increase the number of people who see my content on Pinterest.

These are my personal results. To see what the average growth rate looks like for all members of Tailwind, check out their Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members.

For every pin added to a tribe, someone else's content must be repinned. It's easy for tribe owners to monitor compliance, so the repin rate tends to be high compared to some Pinterest group boards. 

To get the scoop on tribes, read this post: How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Boost Your Traffic

5. Join and Post to Pinterest Group Boards

To find Pinterest group boards, I like to look at the group boards my peers and niche influencers belong to.

When you’re starting out and have a small Pinterest following, not all group board owners will accept you. I waited to have 100 followers before submitting requests (not sure if that was necessary, but that’s what I did). About 50% of my requests were accepted. 

Follow the instructions on the group board to submit your request. Here’s the email template I sent to group board owners to request an invite:

Pin your own content (20%) and other people content (80%), while respecting the group board rules. No one likes spammers!

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6. Create Several Pinterest Graphics per Post

You can increase the number of times you share a post on Pinterest by creating several pins for the same post. You can then release them over time to your boards and group boards. 

For example, I created the following Pinterest graphics for my popular Fab Pin Roadmap

It will also allow you to test which graphic performs the best and make improvements over time.

Before you tell me that it takes too much time to create so many versions, I have a tip for you. Create templates! They're huge time savers. 

Use Canva or your favorite graphic design platform to create 3-4 templates.

Then copy and paste the headline in those templates each time you create a new post. Easy enough!

Be mindful of not spamming your tribes and group boards! Release a new version once every week or so, and make sure to follow the rules as set by the owner of the tribe or group board.

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7. Have Irresistible Content Upgrades

To convert your readers into email subscribers, include a content upgrade in each blog post. It could be a workbook, a checklist, a planner, additional tips, etc. 

It’s important that your content upgrade provides value. Low-quality content upgrades will disappoint your audience and lead to unsubscribes. Focus on providing value in your content upgrades. 

Conversion tips:

  • Name your content upgrade so you can refer to it. For example, I've named my free roadmap to getting started successfully on Pinterest the "Fab Pin Roadmap".

  • Create an on-brand and enticing cover that will attract attention.

  • Include the cover image in your opt-in form. Just like I do here:

8. Create Landing Pages for Your Content Upgrades

Create landing page for your most popular or key content upgrades to further increase the opt-in rate. For example, here’s the landing page I created for my Fab Pin Roadmap

9. Create an awesome About Me page

Your About page is often one of the most visited pages. That’s where your audience goes to learn more about you before giving their email address or buying from you. Its importance shouldn’t be underestimated!

If you’re struggling with writing your own, here’s a post I created on how to write your About page in 5 easy steps.

10. Track Results and Adjust Your Action Plan as Needed

By knowing which channel drives the most traffic to your site, you can focus your energy and time on what drives growth for your business.

I like to look at my stats weekly (sometimes more often!). To tell the source of your traffic, go to Google Analytics and navigate in the left menu to Acquisition.

If you don’t have Google Analytics yet, get it now. It’s free, so no excuse! If you’re on Squarespace, it’s also super easy to connect. Here are the instructions on using Google Analytics with Squarespace

My Google Analytics have shown that Twitter and Instagram drive little results for me, compared to my Facebook group and Pinterest profile. As a result, I’ve readjusted my growth efforts to focus almost exclusively on Pinterest and Facebook. This is what works for me at the present moment, and you’ll need to test it out for your own niche. 

Give your strategies a few weeks/months before dropping them out, as some strategies can take some time to pick up steam. 

Getting More Readers for Your Blog

Don't forget these tips! Pin this infographic for later.

In this article, I’ve shown you how to increase traffic by:

  1. Creating content that attracts attention.

  2. Applying social media strategies that drive traffic.

  3. Implementing strategies that convert readers into subscribers.

These are tips that I’ve implemented in my own business to increase my new blog traffic with little content and get 797 social shares in 5 short weeks.

Read the series: This post is the second one in a five-part series on promoting your online business when you have little content. Here are all the posts in this series:

  1. How to quickly generate amazing blog post ideas (that will get shared)

  2. How to increase your blog traffic when you have little content (the post you're currently reading)

  3. How to promote your blog posts

  4. How to Grow Your Email List when you have little content

  5. How to promote your business on Pinterest (+ free guide to get started successfully)



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