How to Use Tailwind to Increase Your Traffic

Find out how to use Tailwind to increase website traffic. Perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers looking to crush their Pinterest marketing strategies. Includes a FREE Pinterest roadmap to help you get started successfully. #isabellepaquin #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #tailwind

Wondering how so many small businesses are getting loads of traffic from Pinterest? I bet you've heard of the Tailwind app by now! If you haven't, no worries. I'll be showing you how to use it to explode your traffic.

After 2 months of launching my blog, Tailwind has helped my little blog reached 8.3 Million Pinterest accounts. And it keeps growing every day. 

Tailwind has played a big part in my Pinterest growth strategy.

In this post, I'll show you how you can also use Tailwind to increase your blog traffic.

This post may contain affiliate links. It comes at no additional cost to you if you choose to make a purchase and helps me continue providing you with free content.  I only recommend things I love and would tell my best friend to use. For more details, please read my disclosure.

These are my personal results. To see what the average growth rate looks like for all members of Tailwind, check out their Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members.

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What is Tailwind app?

Tailwind is a scheduler for Pinterest. It allows you to schedule pins, maximize your reach and track your results.

I use it to:

  • create an optimal pinning schedule.

  • bulk schedule my pins, which is a huge time-saver.

  • increase the number of times my posts get shared on Pinterest.

  • analyze my results, so I can readjust my strategy as needed.


Why do I like using Tailwind for Pinterest?

I absolutely love Tailwind. 

I know… how could I love a tool? Seriously, it’s the only tool I’ve ever decided to buy after only a few days of trying it!

Here’s why:

  • Tailwind is an approved partner of Pinterest.

    • This is really important to me as I wouldn’t want to use a scheduler that is not compliant with Pinterest policies.

    • Their developer guidelines specifically state “only use supported APIs to access Pinterest”. I’m not a lawyer and don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of Pinterest Terms of Service, but I don’t want to risk my Pinterest account.

    • So Tailwind being an approved partner of Pinterest is hugely important to me.


  • Smart Schedule

    • Tailwind analyzes my account and creates an optimal pinning schedule based on my profile best engagement times.

    • It allows me to increase the reach and success of my pins.

    • Not to mention that it also makes it easy and efficient for me to pin consistently throughout the day.


  • Bulk scheduling

    • In a few clicks, I can schedule a pin to be shared across several boards at intervals.

    • You can also schedule repins directly from Pinterest or schedule a pin from a website.


  • Great analytics

    • While the data you get on your Pinterest for Business account is amazing, Tailwind analytics will knock your socks off!

    • It helps me understand the performance of my boards, group boards, pins and my overall profile. So useful! That’s the kind of info you need to improve on your Pinterest strategy (otherwise, it’s just like shooting darts in the dark).


  • Great customer service

    • Anytime I have a question, I get a quick reply from the team either by email or through the chat feature.


Tailwind Tribes have largely contributed to my Pinterest traffic growth.
Tailwind Tribes got my 5 blog posts an audience reach of 8.3 million in 2 months of joining them. This is not something I could have done on my own with my little Pinterest account of 427 followers!

How to use Tailwind app

Here are 4 easy steps to start using Tailwind and grow your traffic from Pinterest.

1. Start your free trial

Use my affiliate link to get your free trial of Tailwind (then click on "Free Trial" and "Sign up with Pinterest").

You first 100 pins will be free.

Then go through Tailwind prompts to set up your account and install the browser extension (works with Chrome, Safari or Firefox).

If you don’t already have a Pinterest business account with a verified site and activated rich pins, make sure to do that first. I give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this in this free guide.


2. How to create a smart schedule

Tailwind will generate a Smart Schedule for you, based on the best times your audience is most likely to engage with your pins.

It’s your own customized schedule based on your Pinterest profile. It really makes it easy to optimize your pinning schedule and get the best engagement on your pins. 

The green time slots are optimized by Tailwind. The dotted pale green ones are recommended time slots you could decide to add.

Smart Schedule in Tailwind
Without the Smart Schedule feature, I would have never guessed that my audience is also engaged in the middle of the night!

To generate your own Smart Schedule:

  1. Click on the megaphone icon in the left hand side menu

  2. Click on the calendar icon

  3. Click on “Generate New Smart Schedule” button.

How to create a schedule in Tailwind

4. Then enter the number of times you want to pin per day (you can always change this later).

Generate New Smart Schedule in Tailwind

I recommend picking a number between 10 and 30 times per day (max 50 if you already have lots of popular pins). The idea is to go for quality over quantity.

I believe that the days are gone that you could just flood Pinterest with your pins and expect results. Nowadays, one needs to share high-quality pins on high-quality boards.

Once a month or so, I like to refresh my Smart Schedule. I do this because my Pinterest account is still new and it allows Tailwind to refresh my optimized schedule as it learns more and more about my Pinterest profile engagement. No one told me to do this, but it intuitively makes sense to me and takes me 2 seconds to do anyways.


3. How to use Tailwind board lists

This is one my favorite feature and a huge time-saver! When scheduling a pin, I can select several boards in 1 click (so I don’t have to select them one by one). 

I’ve created a few board lists for:

  • publishing new content.

  • sharing pins I’ve already shared in the past (as some group boards allow for duplicates).

  • themes: for example, I have a list of boards specific to blogging.


To create your board lists:

  1. Click on the megaphone icon in the left hand side menu.

  2. Click on the star icon.

  3. Click on the + sign to add a new list. Then name your list and add boards by typing their names.

Create Board List in Tailwind

4. How do I add pins to Tailwind?

Remember the Tailwind Chrome/Safari/Firefox extension you downloaded in step 1? It’s now time to use it! I’ll show you how to quickly schedule content on Pinterest.

I use this same process for sharing blog posts from my site, from other people's site, from my Pinterest home feed and also from my Pinterest group boards. It's really fast and easy.

You should share your own content as well as the content of others. Sharing the content of others will make sure you don’t look spammy to Pinterest and are a good member of the community. 

There’s no magic number to the sharing ratio. When you have little content, try to aim to share 20% of your own and 80% of others. It'll help you build your profile.

Then as you create more and more blog posts, you can gradually increase that to 80% of your own and 20% of others.

It’s not an accurate science and there’s no magic bullet. The intent here is to share high-quality content. 

I can share dozens of pins in a few minutes. Love it!

To quickly schedule your pins:

1. Go to the site you want to share the post from and then click on the Tailwind extension in your browser. This process works for your own site, someone else's site, your Pinterest home feed or your Pinterest group boards.  Here I'm showing an example using my site, but it's the same process for all. 

How to schedule pins in Tailwind

2. Choose the image you’d like to share - it'll get highlighted in blue. You can also select several images at a time, which is very useful for when sharing pins from your group boards. Then click on "Go Schedule" button in the lower right corner.

Go Schedule in Tailwind

3. Select your board lists.

4. Add to tribes. 

Tailwind Chrome & Safari Extension

5. Set an interval or Add to your Queue Now. 

Setting an interval in Tailwind

6. If you set an interval, you'll need to decide when your first pin will go out, set your interval (like a day or more), and select your interval type (open time slots, optimized or exact time). Finally, click on Schedule Now.

There you have it! You’ve quickly scheduled your pins to be shared to your boards, group boards and tribes. Your pins will now be dripped over several days or weeks (depending on the number of boards you have and the interval you choose).

How to Analyze Your Results using Tailwind

While you receive several amazing data points in your dashboard, these are the ones I pay the most attention to on a weekly basis:

1. Number of pins, repins and followers

Once a week, Tailwind sends me an email with:

  • number of pins and repins received in a week (compared with the previous week)

  • number of followers gained in a week

It allows me to monitor my weekly progress and readjust my strategies if needed.

2. Virality score of profile

Tailwind’s definition of Virality score is "Total repins divided by pins". It’s an indicator of how much your pins are being repinned.

This can be found in the left hand side menu under Track your Brand page -> Profile Performance.

You can also look at your engagement score and rate as indicators of your audience interaction with your pins. But I like to keep things simple - so I focus on virality score. No right or wrong way to do things, this is just what I do at the present moment...

So my current objective is to increase my virality score by improving on my pin image quality, descriptions, and boards.

I’m not trying to hit a specific number - I just want it to go up each week. Progression, not perfection, is what I aim for.

3. Virality score of boards

This is one of my favorite insight! It allows me to assess the performance of my boards, including my own and my group boards. This way, I can focus on my best boards with the highest rate of repinning and look for ways to address the underperforming ones.

It can be found in your dashboard under Track Your Brand Page -> Board Insights.

4. Referral Traffic

If you connect your Google Analytics to Tailwind, you can also see the number of visits Pinterest generated to your site over the last 7 days.

It’s located under Monitor Your Domain -> Referral Traffic.

5. Most popular pins

Under Optimize Content -> Pin Inspector, you’ll also see a list of your most recent popular pins. You can filter by content, board and category.

It allows me to identify my best performing pins. It is useful to understanding what works and what doesn’t, so I can do more of what works!

How to Use Tailwind Tribes

Want to get more traffic faster? Tailwind Tribes are absolutely amazing!

I wrote a detailed post on how to use Tailwind tribes for Pinterest here.

How much is Tailwind a month?

You can get a free trial of Tailwind for your first 100 pins, so you can see for yourself if you like it.

Once your free trial is done, you have 2 plan options. The main difference is:

  • With the annual plan at $9.99/mo, you get unlimited pins.

  • With the pay-as-you-go monthly plan ($15/mo), the limit is 400 pins per month.

Personally,  I chose the annual plan for the unlimited pins and the annual savings of $60, but you'll have to decide for yourself based on your business growth objectives.

Using Tailwind for Pinterest

In this post, I’ve shown you the exact steps to use Tailwind to increase your traffic.

Tailwind allows you to maximize your Pinterest reach and get more eyes on your content by:

  • Optimizing your pinning schedule.

  • Quickly sharing your pins across several boards.

  • Accessing Tailwind Tribes to maximize your reach.

These are tips I’ve implemented in my own business and at the time of writing this post, Pinterest represents 30% of my traffic after only 2 months of using Tailwind (and this number keeps growing).


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