How to Promote Content That Will Get You More Email Subscribers

Writing quality content takes time. Several hours during which you’re not being paid. Knowing how to write killer content and promote the heck out of it is crucial to your business success. 

How to Promote Content that Will Get You More Email Subscribers

After all, if you’re going to spend all this time writing content, you might as well make it count by making sure it brings you highly qualified leads.

This post is the 3rd one in a 4-part series on promoting your online business when you have little content:

  1. How to quickly generate amazing blog post ideas (that will get shared)

  2. How to increase your blog traffic when you have little content

  3. How to promote your blog posts - the post you're currently reading

  4. How to grow your email list when you have little content

In the post below, I’m going to give you a step-by-step list of what needs to happen before and after you publish a new post.

There are 23 steps I recommend you take before and after you publish new content.

But don't worry... 23 steps might sound like a lot, but I assure you it's quick once you know the exact steps to follow. That's why I'm sharing with you my checklist. 

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Grab your checklist first and follow the steps along this post.

Got your checklist? Alright! Here are the 23 things to do before and after publishing a new blog post to grow your email list and get more leads.

Before You Hit Publish:

1. Create killer content 

This is a MUST. Good content gets shared a little. Great content gets shared a lot. Simple as that! 

Make sure your content is relevant to your ideal customer. If not, you’ll attract the wrong target.

Does your post solve your customers’ pains? Are you using the same words your ideal customer uses? Are you clear on what are your customers’ frustrations and the words they use to describe them?

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2. Create an exceptional headline

To get more eyes on your content, you need to create a headline that stands out. About 80% of people only read headlines. So if you want them to read the rest of your blog post that you poured hours into writing, you need to have a headline that draws the attention. 

Does your headline pique curiosity? Or does it provide a clear benefit to your audience? I like to use CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to craft my headlines. I’m not an affiliate, just love this tool!

3. Make your post easy to read

Is your content easy to consume? Is the copy formatted in a way that it is easy for your audience to read or scan through? Does your content flow well? Is it organized? 

When people land on blog posts, they’ll often scroll through it before deciding to read it. So if your post is a big chunk of text, few will read it. 

To help increase readability, use subheadings, bulleted lists, block quotes and break paragraphs that are longer than 3 lines

4. Make your post visually enticing 

Think of when you’re reading a magazine… what do you do? I bet you scan through it and first look at the images and headlines. Similar idea with blog posts.

Add images and videos that load quickly to increase success of your content.

5. Edit

Is your content interesting to read? Is it filled with fluff words? Does your content flows as if you were talking to someone sitting in front of you? 

I find it helpful to read my posts aloud when editing. It helps me remove a lot of the fluff and make them sound more conversational.

6. Proofread

Is your post filled with typos? Oh dear… please start using Grammarly. The basic version is free, so no excuse!


After You Hit Publish:

7. Let influencers or peers know you’ve linked to them

If you’ve linked to an influencer or peer, let them know. If you already have established a relationship with them, they might be inclined to share your post with their audience.

8. email your list

I do not recommend you send a notification each time you publish a new post. People are just not that interested in newsletters anymore.

Instead, give your list some additional tips or helpful information when sharing your post. It’s all about nurturing the relationship with your list.

9. Share on Pinterest 

Immediately after publishing a new post, add it to your Pinterest scheduler (I use Tailwind) to share with my boards and group boards at an interval.

10. Share with your Tailwind Tribes

To increase the number of people that see your content on Pinterest, share your pins with your favorite Tailwind Tribes.

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11. Share on your Twitter feed and Facebook page

Take your post and create 5-10 versions of it. It could be the title, a quote, an interesting fact, a question, etc.

12. Post on Instagram

If your niche is a good fit for Instagram, share your content there too. Create an eye-candy image or quote.

You can also create behind-the-scene Stories to connect with your audience.

13. Share in Facebook groups

Join Facebook groups where your ideal customer hangs out. Share your new blog post in promotional threads or when answering relevant questions.

It’s a good way to get more eyes on your content, become a resource in your niche and form business relationships.

14. Post on LinkedIn

If your niche is professionals or business-to-business, then post your blog on your LinkedIn profile and share in groups. Consider repurposing your content on SlideShare.

15. Submit to Google Search Console

Help your post be indexed faster by submitting it for crawling in Google Search Console. For those on Squarespace, this is a good article on how to do it. 

16. Deep link in previous posts

Go through your previous posts and identify opportunities to link to your new post.

For example, when I created my post How to Grow Your Email List When You Have Little Content, I went through previous posts I had already published and added a deep link to my new post whenever I was referring to list building.

This will help serve your audience better by pointing them to helpful content and in the process, lower your bounce rate.

Don’t overdo it - it still has to make sense.

17. Do a Facebook Live

Grow your audience by hopping on Facebook Live and sharing highlights from your post. This is something I need to do more of!

18. Respond to Comments 

If you’ve enabled comments on your blog and people are taking the time to leave thoughtful and helpful comments, then I think it’s the right thing to do to reply. In my opinion, it shows commitment and fosters engagement. 

If you don’t have time to reply, you might want to consider turning comments off or hiring a virtual assistant to respond on your behalf.

19. Share your pins again

Once you’ve shared your new post on Pinterest once, you’re not done yet! Make sure to regularly share your pins on your boards and group boards. Don’t overdo it, as it’ll look spammy. Sharing at an interval will help you avoid this.

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20. Ask your audience to share

At the end of your blog post, kindly ask your audience to share it with their friends or peers.

21. Repurpose your content

Can you turn your blog post into a SlideShare or an infographic? How about a webinar, live training or masterclass? Or perhaps a podcast, Facebook Live or Instagram Story? The options are almost endless for repurposing your most popular posts.

22. Leverage your content upgrade

Did you create a content upgrade? If so, create a separate landing page for your content upgrade and drive traffic to it like you would for a post. It will help you double your traffic and build your list faster by leveraging existing content.

23. Analyze

Regularly monitor your post results. How did the post perform? If it was popular, can you create more content like it? Would this be a good topic for creating a paid offering?

Content Promotion Tips

In this post, I’ve shown you what to do before and after you publish new content to help you grow your email list.

Becoming better at promoting your content will help you:

  • stand out

  • increase leads and build your email list

  • grow your business

For every hour you spend on creating content, aim to spend about 4 hours on promotion.

Knowing how to create killer content and promote the heck out of it is crucial for your business success.

Give these tips a try!

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Read the series: This post is the 3rd one in a 4-part series on promoting your online business when you have little content:

  1. How to quickly generate amazing blog post ideas (that will get shared)

  2. How to increase your blog traffic when you have little content

  3. How to promote your blog posts - the post you're currently reading

  4. How to grow your email list when you have little content

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