How to Build an Email List From Scratch Using Pinterest (for coaches & course creators)

How exactly do you build an email list from scratch? Find out how successful, innovating coaches & course creators are building and growing engaged email lists. Get the ideas and tips you need to get started successfully. Includes a free roadmap with unique list-building tips. #isabellepaquin #emailmarketing #coachingbusiness #coursecreators

There’s something you *probably* don’t know about me, and to be totally real with you, it’s a little embarrassing...

But heck, I just watched Brené Brown’s Netflix special for the 2nd time and if anyone can inspire vulnerability, it’s her!

So here it goes...

Flashback to 2004: I had just moved back to my hometown, had gotten a new job and moved into a new apartment. I was thrilled and in my excitement, I decided to throw a last-minute get-together with my 20 co-workers for the next day.

I had raided my neighborhood cheese store and was ready!

Well, that was the plan at least…

There I was surrounded with all this food and only 2 guests had showed up… one of my best friends and my brother.

I was ashamed. I was embarrassed. 

As the night went on, I realized I had 2 amazing, important people with me and we ended up having a great evening of feasting.

The next day at work, I realized what my mistake had been. My guests had no car transportation and I didn’t live near public transit. So there was that.

In my excitement, I hadn't properly planned ahead of time and it didn't leave enough time for my guests to plan for car pooling - that was before Uber even existed... 

The next time, I made better plans and ended up with a full house.

Building an email list is a bit like that.

We get excited. We have high hopes. And we throw together content and lead magnets last minute, hoping people will sign up. But when we check our email list, only our family and friends have signed up...

Only if we had better planned, the results would have been completely different.

On today’s video, I’m talking all about how to build an email list faster using Pinterest.

If you’re struggling with building and growing your email list, you won’t want to miss this video.

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