Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs

Ah, the joy of the holidays! Spending time with family, ice skating, sipping hot chocolate, building snow forts with my nephews... I love every single minute of it. 

 Gift Ideas for Women

I absolutely love seeing the expression of joy of my loved ones when exchanging gifts. Moments of great happiness!

But coming up with gift ideas? Not so much.

If you're anything like me (and I bet you are since you're reading this post!), then this guide is for you.

I wanted to make your life easier by putting together this holiday gift guide for the female entrepreneurs in your life.

Or perhaps, it's to treat yourself. Yes, you deserve it too!

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1. Rose Gold Water Bottle

This stainless steel water bottle is insulated to keep your water cold. Oh, and it's so cute! Perfect for when you're powering through your next big project.

gift for her insulated rose gold water bottle

2. Inspirational Bracelet

Growing a business can be tough. I like surrounding myself with inspirational quotes for a motivational boost. This rose gold bracelet reminds you that She Believed She Could So She Did.

3. Comfortable Earphones

My husband got me these Bose earphones a while ago and I absolutely love them. I'll listen to a Deep Focus playlist on Spotify with these earphones on to cancel out any surrounding noises and really get stuff done!

4. Rose Gold Desk Set

Being surrounded by pretty things helps boost my creativity and so I've recently been redecorating my office. This desk set is just so pretty!


5. Calming Aromatherapy Diffuser

When I feel like my heads is going to explode from everything on my to-do list, I'll put this aromatherapy diffuser on. Bliss ensues, back to my normal self and stuff gets done!


6. Prestige Pen

I received this classic Parker Ballpoint Pen as a gift about 20 years ago and it still looks brand new. Gorgeous and so classy!


7. Picture Frame

Keeping photos of your loved ones or latest holidays on your desk is such a nice way to bring joy and purpose in your day. I like to keep a picture of our latest trip on my desk in this pretty Ikea white picture frame.


8. Inspirational Book

An absolute favorite with several female entrepreneurs and a New York Times bestseller. This book is entertaining, easy to read, devoid of fluff and seriously life-changing.


9. My Fave Microphone

For producing videos or podcasts, a good microphone will make a world of difference in audio quality. Remember to get a windscreen as well to filter out any pop sounds. It's only a few bucks more.


10. Quality Webcam

This webcam has completely upgraded the look and feel of my videos. The image quality is crisper and more professional than the webcam integrated in my laptop. Perfect for the entrepreneur looking to grow their business through live or YouTube videos.


Whether it's to bring joy to someone special or treat yourself (yes, you deserve it too!), I hope you enjoyed this gift guide.


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 The perfect gift ideas for the female entrepreneurs in your life. This holiday gift guide for women will help you find the perfect gift for her. #giftideas #giftforher

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