Behind-the-Scenes: How I Got Over My Fear of Doing Lives (+my video set-up)

Live streaming on my Facebook page was something I used to fear. The worries going through my mind were almost endless…

  • What would I do if trolls showed up?

  • What if I were to say something that didn’t make sense? What if people didn’t understand my accent?

  • What if no one showed up live? And more…

Oh, and the tech… What equipment did I need to go live?

Facebook Live Video Tips | Find out how I got over my fears of streaming live, including ideas for your first lives and background + equipment to use. Perfect for entrepreneurs looking to use live videos to grow their small businesses. #isabellepaquin #livevideos #entrepreneurs #onlinebusiness

In this video, I share with you:

  • My tips for overcoming my fears of going live

  • Why I now LOVE live streaming

  • My video equipment set-up

At the beginning of the video, I refer to how I use Facebook Lives in conjunction with Pinterest to grow my visibility. You can get all the details in this post about How to Get Clients Using Pinterest WITHOUT feeling salesy.

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