How to Quickly Generate Amazing Blog Post Ideas (that will get shared)

How to Quickly Generate Amazing Blog Post Ideas (that will get shared)

You’re sitting in front of your computer trying to figure out what to write about in your next blog post.

A blank page is shamelessly staring back at you, while you’re pulling your hair out trying to figure out what your audience would want to share with all their friends. 

Oh, the dreaded blank page.

If you’re producing content left and right hoping one works, then this post is for YOU.

I follow a strategic content process to generate great blog post topics quickly.

My content strategy works well whether you already have an audience or not.

I’m spilling the beans and sharing my tips with you here.

Generating Blog Post Ideas the Smart Way

Step 1 - Know Your Audience

Before you can even start to think about topics, you need to know your audience inside and out. Skip step 1 and you’ll keep churning blog posts that no one reads… 

You know that feeling when you read a post, and feel like the author gets you? That’s how you want to make your audience feel.

If you do not have a deep understanding of who your ideal customer is, then head over to this post right away.

My content strategy works well whether you already have an audience or not.

Step 2 - Zero In on What’s Popular

Now that you have a clear view of your ideal customer, it’s time to find out what gets shared the most in your niche.

More likely than not, other business owners before you have already blogged about the same subject. Why guess and try to figure out what works, when there’s an easier way to find out what’s already popular?

The idea is NOT to copy what other people do. Please do not do that. Not only does it reflect poorly on one’s personal brand, it’ll also come back to bite later. 

The idea IS to find out blog post ideas that already work in your niche. Then using your expertise, create the best blog post you can on the topic.



Don’t you wish you had a full list of questions people ask the most about your topic? That’s what exactly does. 

This tool gives you an aggregated view of the questions people most often asked about your topic in Google and Bing. 

It's a great resource used by advanced bloggers and professional content marketers alike. 

It's super easy to use and best, it's free!

Example: Let’s say your niche is yoga and you found out in step 1 that your audience is interested in yoga for weight loss. (You’d likely want to get narrower than that, but let’s just use this simplified example for illustration purposes).

Enter “yoga weight loss” in the tool, and you’ll get the most popular questions on this topic.

Generating Blog Post Ideas using

Generating Blog Post Ideas using

If you already have an established audience, you can also ask your email subscribers or Facebook group members for their top questions.



To see what's already popular in your niche, head over to and enter your topic keywords. It will provide you with the top posts in order of popularity.

You can run a few queries per day for free (I'll usually stagger mine over several days when I'm building my content calendar).

Continuing with our example of yoga for weight loss, here are the top posts.

Generating Blog Post Ideas using

Generating Blog Post Ideas using



Find out what ranks the highest in Google by searching for your keywords (it’s a good idea to browse in Incognito mode, so your previous searches don’t distort the results). 

You’ll need to take into consideration SEO best practices and limitations if you want to compete with top results. Nonetheless, it’s a good source of inspiration for blog post ideas.



Search also for your keywords in Pinterest to see top results.

Pinterest is a visual search engine (not a social medium). Most people underestimate its value, but it's a great tool to see what's popular. Think of Pinterest as an early-stage Google search tool that returns visual results.

Generating Blog Post Ideas using Pinterest

Generating Blog Post Ideas using Pinterest

Step 3 - Make it Better

List all results you obtained in step 2. 

  • Are there common themes? 
  • What stands out the most? 
  • Do you notice gaps? 
  • Are there opportunities to make the content better?

There you have it. Answer these questions, and you’ll have killer blog post ideas to last you months! Now it’s time to put your brain to work and write amazing content.

Step 4 - Promote, promote, promote

No one is going to read and share your content if they’ve never even been exposed to it. That’s the reality.

So it’s time to promote your content like you mean it. Download your free Content Promotion checklist to help you with this.

Coming up with Blog Post Topics

Generating blog post ideas that will get shared doesn’t have to be such a struggle. Using a proven methodology can drastically help you.

In this post, I’ve shown you how to generate great blog post ideas to last you months by:

  1. Knowing Your Audience
  2. Zero’ing on What’s Popular
  3. Making it Better
  4. Promoting

Generating good blog post ideas is one piece of the puzzle that is an effective marketing strategy. Not only does one have to create great content, one also needs to promote it effectively to lead into a sales funnel.

If you need help with your marketing strategy, contact me. I've been a marketer for 14 years, so I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve!


Author: Isabelle Paquin

Previously a corporate marketer for 14 years for some of the world’s largest organizations, I now help online entrepreneurs, just like you, grow subscribers + sales. I’m a strategist, consultant, and mentor. I’m here so you can stop wasting time trying tactics that don’t work, and instead focus on creating a business and lifestyle you love.

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