Pinterest Marketing: 5 Common Myths that Cost Your Business

Find out the 5 most common Pinterest Marketing myths and why it's costing your business to fall for one of these. Includes a FREE roadmap so you too can learn how to use Pinterest marketing strategies for growing your small business. Click on the pin to learn more!

Myths, misconceptions and preconceptions about Pinterest for business? Oh, it's time to get real! 

In this video, I’m busting myths. There are a lot of misconceptions and it’s time to set the record straight. Here’s the thing:

Pinterest is NOT what it used to be.

There has been such a tremendous evolution of this platform - especially this year,  that it can sometimes create some confusion.

From evolving from a social media to a search engine, from being mostly only for recipes and fashion back in the day, to now for so many niches including B2B and so much more…

Pinterest can often be misunderstood and this can be a missed opportunity for a lot of businesses.

Learn the 5 most common Pinterest myths. So you can stop falling for those, and instead start growing your business

Let's get crackin'....

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